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Archived Meetings

    2012 Chapter Meetings


    January 31  

    Jeff Kortes

     Anyone Can Recruit: Can You Sell the Organization?

    Member Evaluation


    February 28

      Greg Manuel

    Safety Programs and Worker’s Compensation 

    Member Evaluation


    March 27

    Alan Kinsey

    Top 10 Background Check Mistakes 

    Member Evaluation


    April 24

     Lisa A. Dreishmire

     Protecting Your Business While Using Social Media


    May 22

     Tom Demmer

     Legislative Update 

    Member Evaluation



    Lee Ann Piano, Leadership Expert

    Attendee Evaluations


    September 25

     Jennifer Lollino from Sikich LLP

    Compensation Under Fire  

    Member Evaluation


    October 30 - TBA


    November 27

     Annual Diversity Update


     2011 Chapter Meetings

    January 25    Thinking Skills Inc. Future Think - Member Evaluation

     February 22     Bruce Larson - IDES Update - Member Evaluation

     March 29     GCG RISK Management - Employer Liability  - Member Evaluation

     April 25     Van Daele & Associates  HR Strategic Planning - Member Evaluation

    May 31     Doug Lee - Employment Law Update

    July 20  1/2 day program Management Association of IL -  Effective Workplace Investigations -                Attendee Evaluations

     September 27     Perspectives - EAP Services - Attendee Evaluations

    October 25     Carol Fitzgerald - Diversity - Attendee Evaluations

    November 22     Todd Solomon - Domestic Partnerships

     2011 Board of Director Meetings   


      2012 Board of Directors Meetings 

     2010 MEETINGS

    The Power of Promotional ProductsJanuary 26, 2010

    Terry McGuire, Sr. VP of Marketing at HALO Branded Solutions, discussed effectiveness of

    promotional products and ways HR Professionals can use them in wellness programs, recruiting,

    improving morale and recognizing employees. This was an informational and entertaining presentation and each attendee left with a gift bag full of promotional products.

     This presentation was approved for 1.25 General Recertification Credits

    February 23, 2010 ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA)

    Michael Killebrew, Resource Coordinator at DisabilityWorks, summarized recent amendments to ADA

    and defined some of the important terms in the Act such as “Disability”, “Major Life Activity” and

    “Regarded as”. He also discussed the cause and outcome of several ADA court cases.

    This presentation was approved for 1.25 General Recertification Credits

    March 30, 2010 Employee Misconduct in a Digitized World

    Alan Kinsey, Vice President of Inquire Hire, talked about the risks and opportunities presented by social media such as Facebook and Twitter. He reviews reasons employees are engaging in inappropriate activity.

    He gave attendees tips on how to, and encouraged them to, develop policies to encourage productive use of and discourage misconduct on these sites.

    This presentation was approved for 1.25 General Recertification Credits

    April 27, 2010 No Non-Sense Retention

    Jeff Kortes, of Human Asset Management, provided a candid insight into the thoughts and reasoning

    of employees who decide or are contemplating leaving their jobs in various organizations.

    He did so in an interactive presentation that was informative, interesting, and applicable to situations that all HR and business professionals encounter.

    See Attendee Evaluations

    May 25, 2010 Employment Law Update

    Doug Lee, of Ehrmann, Gehlbach, Badger & Lee, LLC and Legislative Chair of RRHRPA presented his annual employment law update. As always, Doug found several interesting employment law court

    cases to review and discuss before revealing the outcome of the cases.

    This presentation was approved for 1.25 General Recertification Credits

    July 27, 2010 Everyone Impacts the Bottome Line

    The annual 1/2 day summer program was presented by Laura McAdam, founder of Profitability Now.

    She used her unique combination of HR and Finance knowledge to teach attendees how HR can become a more strategic business partner by understanding ROI and key financial drivers of business.

    She explained the importance of aligning an HR strategy with the business strategy, defined five key drivers of employee engagement and worked through examples of calculating ROI for HR-related initiatives such as a wellness program, RIF and implementation of Performance Management System.

    See Attendee Evaluations

    September 28, 2010 No

    October 26, 2010 What Difference Does Difference Make?

    Carol Fitzgerald, of the YWCA and Diversity Chair of RRHRPA was joined by Rebecca Munoz-Ripley,

    also from the YWCA, to present the annual diversity awareness program.

    They presented three activities to get attendees more involved in the program:

    The first was to try to describe yourself as you would to a stranger meeting you in a crowded airport

    without using hair color, eye color or eye glasses. This illustrated how much we identify ourselves by our race and how we look.

    Second, the group split in small groups to discuss the first we remember noticing

    our race or that there were other races.

    The last activity was Carol & Rebecca leading a large group discussion to identify the ‘privileged’ and

    ‘targeted’ groups of people in different categories of oppression such as ageism, sexism, racism, ableism, etc. It became evident that most people are in the privileged group of some categories and the targeted group of others. The differences of the lives of the two groups was also discussed.

    This presentation was approved for 1.25 General Recertification Credits

    See Attendee Evaluations

    November 30, 2010 Healthcare Reform

    Dawn Steinbeck and Stacey Rose, Benefit Specialists from Butler Insurance Service, a full service

    TPA, presented what they considered a 30,000’ overview of healthcare reform changes from now thru 2014. They reviewed the difference in changes to Grandfathered and Non Grandfathered plans. A lot of information was provided and they made it clear that many of the questions about these changes can’t be answered until the government finalizes the regulations.

    This presentation was approved for 1.25 General Recertification Credits

    See Attendee Evaluations






    2009 Discrimination Mock Trial

    Rock River Human Resource Professional Association hosted a mock discrimination trial on July 28, 2009. The half day event was held at Sauk Valley Community College. Leslie Johnson and Stephanie Dinkel of Koehler & Passarelli, LLC were the facilitators for the mock trial. We had a great turn out with 41 participants taking part in the trial.

    Participants at the mock trial

    Lawyer Stephanie Dinkel

    prepares the plaintiff 'Ray Jones'

    Defendant 'Bagger Vance'

    testifies during the trial

    Plaintiff 'Ray Jones'

    testifies at the trial