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Diversity Award

    2012 Diversity Award Winner:  Halo Branded Solutions


    Carol Fitzgerald, Diversity Chair, presents the award to Ashley Houck and Lisa Taylor.

    Carol Fitzgerald, Diversity Chair, presents the 2012 Award to Ashley Houck (center) and Lisa Taylor (right) of Halo Branded Solutions.

    Halo Branded Solutions has been increasing its focus on diversity for several years.  They actively recruit applicants from diverse sources, and they have done the work that it takes to build a workforce that is accepting and accommodating for all employees.

    In 2007, they adopted a formal Affirmative Action Plan as a requirement of a government contract.  After the contract ended, the company decided to maintain its AAP because it is, as they said, “the right thing to do.” 

    They list their openings with organizations that refer populations such as veterans, low-income, women, people with disabilities, and dislocated workers, among others.  They have also created an employee referral program, which rewards employees for referring potential workers and often results in referrals from diverse communities that current employees represent.

    Then, once people are hired, this company affirms diversity.  To create a positive and affirming atmosphere for everyone, they conducted Civility Awareness Training for all employees, and they send a monthly reminder to all staff to encourage people to remain civil and positive with one another.

    Company policies also support diversity and are very responsive to people’s diverse needs.  They have developed alternative work schedules to accommodate family needs.  They allow coverage of civil union and domestic partners on insurance plans and in Family and Medical Leave, even if the employee’s home state does not require it.  And, in response to the health concerns of several employees, they created a “fragrance-free environment” to reduce the scents and fragrances in the air. 

    Halo has employees ranging in age from 20 to 87, and they recognize the challenges that kind of diversity can represent.  But even so, they tell us that everyone works as a team, even when they have some very conservative employees working alongside people with tattoos, body piercings, and pink and blue hair!

    As you can see, Halo goes above and beyond for diversity, not only recruiting diverse employees but hearing and responding to the needs of their workforce.  Please join me in congratulating HALO Branded Solutions as the winner of this year’s Workplace Diversity Award!


    The Rock River Human Resource Professional Association annually recognizes a Rock River Valley employer who demonstrates commitment to building and maintaining diversity in their workplace.

    The award is presented at the Association's November meeting. In addition to recognizing the award-winning employer, the RRHRPA will provide two free admissions to our annual legislative luncheon to whoever nominates the winner.

    If you wish to nominate an employer, please use the attached form. All forms are due by October 15th. Any questions regarding the Diversity award can be forwarded to Carol Fitzgerald at or (815) 625-0333.

    Click here to download the diversity award nomination.